Traffic Talent 3 – Pro drivers in action

Welcome to the post, where i will tell you about the most extraordinary game in the world. First of all, this game isn’t just another driving simulator, where you just have to drive and thats it. Nope, here you will have to do some more awesome tricks. Like, your main job is to escape from the police chase and drive clients from the one point to the other at the same time. But, you have to do this very carefully. Because, this game is so realistic and your car can be damaged by some accdident or bad driving.

First of all, i have to tell you the scenario of this game. It’s so simply and incredibly hard to understand in meanwhile. The storyline of the Traffic Talent 3 takes place in the wonderful city. Every street and car in the city is so beautiful and realistic. But, this place is seriously controlled by the police. So, your main character is the guy, who wants to be a pro driver and he is ready to do everything for this. Like, you have to take passengers from the one place to the another, but you have to drive very safely. In other case, you will lose your job.


The developers of this game has put a lot of effort to make this third version a most realistic one. So, they take the gameplay and make it really hard with some new features. Like, you can only choose three different car here. But, once to took a car, you can brake it. If you hit car or some object, your car will broke. This is serious challenge for you, because bad car affects on your playing speed. You need to complete missions in given time, so try to don’t hit anything and you will be satisfied.