Traffic Talent 2 – Traffic all over the world

Welcome to the city, where you have to be the toughest guy in the world. Yep, this game will recuire from you a strong nerves and a really high level of logic sense. This is the Traffick Talent 2 world. The game, which is the second version of the most awesome driving simulator of all time. Here you will see the greatest adventures of the driver and also learn how to move in the city, during the traffic. But, the most awesome thing in this game is that. The gameplay will make you to do the craziest thing on the road, but you have to stay away from the police at the same time.

First of all, you need to complete some driver missions. Like, you have to take customers from the one place to other. But, this journey is have to be safest time in their live. So, you can’t drive fast here. Or, if you want to have fun and enjoy this game more, then you can drive like a crazy. In this case, you have to run away from the police too. They will chace you and arrest you, if you don’t drive fast enough or brake your car.


Your main mission in this game is to don’t brake rules or your car. The rules are really easy, but it makes you addicted to play this game again and again until you do it your job correctly. Also, you can choose a three different type of car. If you want to drive without brake and stop, you have to pick the racing car. If you want to drive like a pro and complete missions in peace, there is a minivan and another awesome vehicle to use. So, let’s choose the right car for your style of play and enjoy it.