The impossible quiz 3 – The fail of common sense

Hello my friends. I don’t know if  i overreacting, but i’m so happy right now. The reason of this is so wonderful. The developers of the most annoying and best quiz game series have released a new one. This is it. The best quiz game is out now and we can play it. So, let me tell you about my first impression. First of all, The Impossible Quiz 3 has so many new details in every round. Also, there is a whole different system of achievements and super powers. The graphics are advanced too. So, let’s try out more and challenge the common sense.

Earn To Die 3

Above all, this game will amaze you with so many different types of questions. But, unlike the other same category games, there you can get a hard question even in the first round. So, you have to play hard and this game will treat you well. Also, when you get a right answer to the really tough question, the game will give you a surprise. This can be a skip button or timer remover. The skip button will help you to skip a hard question without answering it. The timer remover is for bombs. You can disable the bomb timer with it.

Impossible Quiz 2

Guys, i have to warn you about this game. The impossible quiz 3 isn’t an ordinary quiz, where you can win game with wise answers. Here you have to use your common sense and logic to find a correct answer. But, this game is so unique, because sometimes the question doesn’t even have an answer. So, you need to look good enough and find a hidden word or evolve some animal to win. As you see, this isn’t an easy game to complete. But, if you play every round with passion, you’ll have so much fun.

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