Strike force heroes – Time to be a legend!

It’s been a really long time, since i’v enjoyed with a shooting game. But, this amazing game has changed everything. This is the Strike force heroes – a game about being a hero and defend the galaxy. So, The main mission in this game is to fight against the invaders and terrorists.  The reason of this is simple. Your main character is a member of the elite force squad. You’ll get a marvelous missions to travel around the world and eliminate the threat. But first, you have to deserve this glorious opportunity by defending a space station. You can’t get a second chance, so play with all your attention.

Strike Force Heroes

So, if you are ready to take this job, then let me give you more details. First of all, you are starting this game as an ordinary scientist. But, there is an attack on your space lab and you need to defend your coworkers. After this round, the elit squad will pick you up for a secret mission. They are really intense and interesting. Like, you need to go underground and defeat the clone army. Or, you have to find a spy in your base and kill him. To do so, you have a five different way.

Strike Force Heroes 2

Strike force heroes has a best plot twist to drive you crazy with joy. Here, you can choose between the five amazing characters. They have a different kind powers and arsenal. Also, each one of them has a different style of fight too. Like, if you will choose general, he is the best in a close range fight. But, in my opinion, the sniper is the best. He can kill a anybody in a really long distance. Also, you can buy and sold your weapons in the shop. You can buy a drone and other cool stuff too.

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