Strike Force Heroes 4 – Galaxy wars

Welcome to the post, where I want to tell you about the most extraordinary shooting game ever. Of course, it’s a flash game, but it has so beautiful and realistic gameplay and graphic. So, let me tell you about this incredibly awesome game series. First of all, strike force heroes have the most interesting scenario i have ever seen in the shooting game. Every mission will take you into the awesome place in the galaxy. But, you have to play hard and use all of your shooting skills to unlock a new tasks and enjoy with it.


Your main character isn’t the ordinary soldier. He is in the special force unit, which has an impossible mission to complete. There is a 5 soldier in your group and you can play with all of them. Yep, unlike the other shooting games, here you aren’t stuck with the only one main character. You have the option to change the type of your soldier before every mission and that will give you so much power. Like, you can choose a different category of a warrior for the different missions. Sometimes you need to use a sniper to kill the strong enemy from the long distance and etc.


Each soldier has a different skills and abilities to use in the fight. On the battlefield, everything can happen. So, you have to be ready to face the hardest challenge in the world. To do so, you have a shop to buy some new things. Like, you can upgrade your weapon or buy a new one. Also, you can choose a different camouflages or robots to help you in the fight.  But, you need to play hard and gain levels to get a better and better guns. Well, you have everything in here to be a real hero.