Strike force heroes 3 – Fight for the Galaxy

I’m so freaking excited. The best shooting flash game has a new version and it’s so much better than the previous most amazing game. The first and second version of this game has already blow my mind and this new one is cooler. Can you believe this? The storyline of this freshly released version is more interesting. Also, there you’ll see more intense fight missions and beautiful battlefield graphics. Above all, you can play with the awesome and marvelous advanced arsenal of the modern weapons. Unlike the other games, here you aren’t stuck with the one main character and you can play with the five different one. How cool does that sounds, hah?


First of all, the main mission in this game is the coolest thingĀ IĀ have ever imagine to play. Your main character is the galaxy soldier, who is guarding the space station. At first, your job is to secure the perimeter of the our galaxy and save the scientist from the attack of the terrorists. But, if you play hard enough, you will be invited in the classified army base. There you will play as a member of the special strike force unit. This isn’t as easy as it sounds cool.

Unlike the other ordinary shooters, here you can play as a five different soldier. Your united is assigned to kill the general of the clone army and this mission is really dangerous. So, choose your favorite class of the soldier and play with it. There is an option to play as a military veteran. Also, you can play as a sniper and etc. My favorite is a Mechanic soldier type, who can use any type of weapon. You can buy a new gun and upgrade it in the shop. Also, there is other awesome equipment to get.