Strike force heroes 2 – The Clone army is back!

Welcome to the modern warfare. Are you ready to play the sequel of the most ambitious and legendary game? Then, let me tell you a greatest news of the year. Strike Force Heroes has a new version and it’s out for us to play non-stop. If you don’t know anything about this coolest shooting game, then you have so much fun ahead. The reason of this is simple. This game is incredibly awesome and entertaining at the same time. The missions here will blow your mind with satisfaction and joy. But, you have to be brave and good enough to enjoy the new features of second version.


At first, i want to tell you a little detail about the scenario of this new game. The storyline of the Strike Force heroes takes place in the galaxy. So, you are far away from the Earth and you have to use your force to defend the gate of our galaxy system. To do so, you have to fight against the brutal enemy. The clone army is back with the new technologies, new boss and they are ready to take you down. So, can you stop them and fight like a hero? Well, this game will answer this question when you play it.


Above all, the most advanced feature of this game is a Gameplay. The engine of this game will make you addicted to finish every mission. Each one of them has a different type of graphic design and plot twist. First of all, you will start playing as a normal engineer, but you have to be an army general to destroy the terrorists. Also, if you will play hard enough, you’ll get better and better weapons to use against the invaders. Let’s suit up and kill every beast, who will try to take over the command from us.