Street sesh 3 – Let’s roll the street

This is it. This is a my favorite game of all time. Do you believe it? Well, you have to. Let me tell you the reason why I am amazed so much by this new game. This is the Street sesh 3. A freshly released version of the most marvelous racing game ever. But, in this game, everything is better and different. Also, the developers put a lot of effort and they made a more serious gameplay for this version. This is unbelievable. I’m trying it, but I can’t find a one single boring detail in this game. Can you? let’s try by yourself and find out.

Street Sesh 3

First of all, the control of your character is so soft and cool. You can do a really amazing trick with just a one click. But, this is only a start. The third version is better than previous one, because there is a whole new world to roll. Like, here you can play in the a marvelous bigger city. It’s full of so many new features, which makes your playing time more entertaining and hard at the same time. So, the more realistic game with more funny gameplay, what can be better than this?

Street Sesh 2

Now, let me tell you about the game scenario and plot twist. At the start, you are an ordinary skater, who wants to cross the street. But, every new round is a different and harder too. Because, your character is getting better and better at skating.  Sometimes, you need to cross the whole street and do a lot of tricks in the meantime. Like, you have to jump on the cars to go through the traffic. Also, to gain more points, you can slide down the stairs and do other stuff like that.  So, this is a serious challenge. Good luck.


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