Snail bob 4 – Game for everyone

Are you ready to play the most entertaining game ever? Well, i am. This is Snail bob 4. The new version of the awesome game. I really like this snail, cuz it’s for all ages and any gender.  The scenario of this game is about one brave snail. He lost his way back to home and we have to help him find it again. But, on our way, there are marvelous monsters and breathtaking traps. But, every map is full of joy and entertainment. Like, you need to solve alien misterys and physic chores at the same time.

I really like the gameplay of this game, because it’s so funny. Anyway, you need to concentrate and play as hard as you can to complete this amazing missions. Unlike the previous game, there are new monsters, maps with advanced design and new planets to discover.

Snail Bob 5

The main mission in Snail bob 4 is to get home safe. To travel without harm, you need to fight against big beasts and aliens. Also, there are maps, where your only hope is gravity. That’s sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Here you need to control the air and pressure. With that, your snail will fly over the hazardous fences and monsters.

Snail bob 4 has cool modern stuff for you. You can earn awesome achievements and extra points by finding Stars. The stars are hidden treasures. You can find three stars in every round, but mostly, they are under leafs or something. So, you need to look hard to get them. Also, some map has a little task for you to get this little star. Like, sometimes you need to create some mechanism with alien technology or some other crazy stuff. This game has cool plot twists. They require from you to fly with rocket and avoid the meteors. So, good luck and fly safe.

Snail Bob 4

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