Running Fred – Runaway from Death

Welcome to the page, where i will tell you about the most brutal game in the world. This is it, guys. The best and coolest traps and weapons in the one game together. What can be better than this? Of course, this game isn’t just a battlefield with full of marvelous toys. Here you can enjoy with an extraordinary storyline too. But, in fact, the scenario of this game  takes place in the most dangerous catacombs in the universe. Your main character has to deal with a Death god itself. So, how does that sounds for you? It’s so Cool right?

Running Fred 2

First of all, you don’t have to fight against some enemy or beast. Here you just have the most important task to do. Your character has only one chance to stay alive. You have to run away from death itself with a really dangerous road. This trip isn’t an ordinary, where you just have to be fast and choose a right time to turn. In the Running Fred, the road is your main enemy. So, you need to be fast, but here it’s not as easy as it sounds. Let me tell you the reason of this.

This game is my favorite, because there is every gun that i love to play with it. But, you can’t use any of this marvelous arsenal. Why? because they are here to kill you. Yep, your road is a one big trap with so many different levels. So, you have to deal with a really easy parts, like jump over the swords and etc. But, there are the worst nightmare too. Like, you have to run away from arrows and moving walls. If you will stop for a second, the death will hunt you down and kill you with its bare hand.


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