Running fred 4 – Run master, run!

Running fred 4 is an another cool game about running from the worst thing in your life.  If you will be ready and smart enough, you can overpower your abilities in this new awesome game. Running fred 4 depends on your action and wise decisions. Here you have to think differently and choose the right road for your adventure. In other case, you will die in a second. The creators of this game have developed some new realistic world for players who are not frightened to destroy the biggest barricades. Who can run without mistakes and just can beat unwanted creatures. They made game with tension and danger all over your road.


Running fred 4 is full with unexpected traps. You also can just trust your insticts and run as fast as you can. But, let’s think wise here. Can you outrun the god of death itself? Well, this game wil challenge you with this ultimate mission. Every round you will start your run at the different location. Then, you will meet various kind of barricades. You must control your emotions and think smart here. Because, your charachter is in danger and you must save him. To do so, you can buy some armor and other awesome things in the shop.


To gain the money for the extra equipment and super powers, you need to cover as much distance as you can. But, to get them, you have to jump over so many different type of trap. The creators of this game has put a lot of effort and made the most brutal road in the world. There you will see the arsenal of the weapons from all over the world and time. If you will play good enough, you’ll get the ability to fly and run on the walls too. How cool is that?