Running Fred 2 – Fast and furious death

Guys, I want to introduce you the most intense game ever. The flash gaming world has a new king and this is it. The new advanced running game, which will definitely blow your mind with its new features. Running fred has an ultimate way to please you with the intense gameplay and beautiful graphic. But, this isn’t everything. Every mission in this game is the craziest thing in the universe and it takes courage to complete it all. Also, sound effects, background and every texture, even little details¬†are the most realistic piece of art in this freshly released game.


Running fred is more like a survival game, than a running. The reason of this is that. The gameplay of this modern game will definitely drive you crazy with its plot twist. Because, the main mission in here is to stay alive. Nothing more or less. That doesn’t sound really dangerous, right? But, when you will see your adventure road, which is the only way to complete your missions, you will be satisfied. Every metre in this game is covered explosives and other hideous traps, which will make your adventure a¬†really entertaining, but hard too. So, let’s talk about the details of the gameplay.


First of all, this game has the most awesome game modes ever. Like, you can play as a little child, or a brave soldier and have fun. There are so many costumes and advanced equipment to try on and that will really help you to survive. Because, the main mission in the Running Fred 2 is to run away from the death. But, the only get away road is full with the weapons and explosives to stop you. Also, you can use a super power pack and other staff to destroy traps on your way. Be ready for anything in this game.