Papas wingeria – Cooking world in your hand

Papas wingeria is a magic place to cook the most delicious part of the chicken – the wings! So, as you know already, this game is about cooking wings in the most prestigious restaurant in the city. Your main character decided to have his own Wingeria, where he can complete the desires of the VIP costumers. The missions in the Papa’s Wingeria are definitely hard, because it’s not easy to rule the restaurant and serve the clients at the same time. Like in the real life. But, It depends how motivated are you to play hard enough and achieve the great goals in your career.


First of all, you have to create the design the clothes of your character. You can customize the type of the heat, body type and literally every detailf of your hero. Meanwhile, you can buy a new clothes for him and new stuff for your wingeria too. To gain the money for this, you must take the orders from the costumers and make a good food for them. You have to make the wings with a different shape and with different decorations too, because your customers has some crazy orders for you to accomplish.

Your kitchen is really great place for complete this mission. You have four stations for making the perfect wings in the world. The First is an order station, your hall, where you have a connection with your customers. Then you have to move in the fly station, where you fry the wings. There you need attention to roast food with correct level of frying. Then your next stop need to be a sauce station,  where you make a sauce for your meal. The last is a build station. Here you put the wings in the plate. You must be imaginative and decorate the plate with the other ingredients too.