Papas freezeria – VIP clients are waiting for you!

Hello, welcome to the most amazing city in the flash gaming world. This awesome universe will show you the greatest magic of the cooking and managing the restaurant. You are invited to do some hard, but an entertaining job in the Papa’s Freezeria. This place is well known as the best restaurant in the majestic city. But, the master chief of this restaurant is out of town and you have to do his job. A lot of \ customers are going to visit you. Are you ready to open your magic kitchen and do your best? Then, let’s talk about the gameplay of this awesome game.

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Your main job is to take orders, drag it in the store and organize them. Your kitchen has a five different stage to complete your order. First is a build station, where you have to pour milk and freeze it. A cooking art is the special job for the most talented people, so you have to do your best in the next station. It’s a decorating room, where you have to choose the right toppings for your drink. You have to decorate your milkshakes very delicately, because the amount of the tip is depends on this part.

The customers will give you an easy and hard orders. So, your main job is to make a drinks for them. But, sometimes the VIP clients will give you an extra order to accomplish. If you will play hard enough and give them their drinks fast enough, you’ll get a big tip. With that, you can decorate your lobby or the hall of your restaurant. Also, you can buy a whole new clothes for your main character. Also, you can even paint a walls of your place. So, this game is full with a joy and entertaining tasks. Try it and you won’t regret it.