Papa’s Cupcakeria – The magic of cooking

Papa’s Cupcakeria is an awesome game to learn a magic of cooking. It’s about a one famous cook schief, who wants to open a new cafe in big town. If you aren’t excited yet, then let me tell you more. This is the game, which has marvelous gameplay and beautiful graphic. The designers of this game were working with the real cafe owners. So, every detail of this game is so realistic. But, this isn’t as good news as you think. Because, the missions are cool and hard too, like a cafe owner job in the real life. So, let’s open the coolest restaurant in the world and rule it.

Papa's Cupcakeria 2

First of all, let me tell you about the scenario of Papa’s Cupcakeria . Once upon a time, one really great cook schief has decided to open his own restaurant. But, he and his waitress had a car accident with your character. So, you need to work for him now to pay a car repair bill. The job is that. You need to serve so many different clients and make a cool cake for them. To do so, you have a three station in your kitchen.

Papa's Cupcakeria

The most awesome part is starting there. The gameplay will definitely amaze you with this station. First is a batter station. Here you have a baking cups to choose. They have different color and shape, so choose wisely. Every customer wants a different one. Then, you have a bake station with marvelous oven to make a cake from batter.  The most important and hardest job is after that. You need to build the design of your cupcake. Add frost, chocolate drizzle and rainbow sprinkles to it. But, be careful. Each cupcake needs a different design. Some of them even need a cherry on top. So, be fast, intelligent and you’ll get the best tip.


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