Papa louie – Cooking adventure

Welcome to the modern city, where everything is alive and trying to kill you. Yeah, literally everything is alive here and it’s the main reason why i love this game. So, let me tell you the more about this madness. First of all, Papa louie is a game, where you need to be a good cook chief, but use a fighting skills at the same time. How crazy does it sounds? Well, you are about to be amazed by the most extraordinary scenario i have ever seen in the flash game. So, are you ready to rule the kitchen and the hazardous jungle at the same time? Let’s see.


First of all, the main scenario of this game takes place in the Papa’s kingdom. Here you are start to play as a just one ordinary asistent of the Cook chief. But, suddenly the city is under attack by the evil food army.¬†The king of evil vegetables has captured¬†your boss and coworkers, so you need to rescue them. But. unlike the other cooking games, where you are stuck in the kitchen, here you can see more. Like, every round will give you some different action scenario to play with.


Above all, the most important and coolest feature of this game is the main character. So, you can choose a whole new character before each round. But, to unlock this magnificent people and use them as your character, you need to fight for them first. Like, they are locked in the cages and after every mission, you are rescuing them one by one. Every one of them has a different type of super power. Some can through a fireballs and etc. Also, you can collect some gold while playing the intense mission and get an awesome achievements. So, what are you waiting for?