Papa Louie 2 – Crazy vegetables

Do you ever hear about the most awesome cooking game in the whole flash gaming world? If you do, you already know that this is the new second version of this cool game. Papa Louie 2 will definitely amaze you with its incredibly awesome new features and advanced scenario. Unlike the previous version, here you will see a more maps , more missions and an entirely different set of graphic texture.  In my opinion, this game is the best way to kill a free time and have a lot of amount of fun at the same time. So, let’s talk more about the gameplay of this marvelous game.


At first, you will start to play as a one ordinary servant, who is working in the Papa Louie’s restaurant. The life seems perfect but suddenly your boss is captured by the venomous vegetable army and you need to rescue him. The evil king of the vegetables also has your teammates in the cage. So, you have to go through a dangerous forest to find them and rescue your boss Papa Louie. To do so, you can use as many awesome characters as you want. Yep, you heard it right, This game will give you the opportunity to play more than one main character.


The main mission in this game is to face the food monsters and destroy them. To do so, each character has a different  kind of weapon and super power. Like, your first boy character can throw magic balls to the evil vegetable warriors. Also, you can change your character and choose a better one, who can throw a bigger things and jump really high. Above all, you need to concentrate on rescuing mission, but you have to collect the gold and coins too. That will give you the chance to get an awesome achievement.