Impossible quiz 4 – Literally impossible

Do you ever wonder, what is the hardest game in the world? Well, i have a great answer for you. Yep, that was an impossible quiz, but now it has a new version and it’s harder. The impossible quiz 4 is literally hard to win if you don’t have a humor sense. Also, you really need a logic and some knowledge here, because it’s not a just quiz with ordinary questions. In my humble opinion, this is the game, which will definitely drive you crazy. This has some marvelous reason. Every question in this game has a tricky answer, so you need to be really wise, before you will choose your answer.

Impossible Quiz 4

This is like an adventure. Every new question is a whole new set of emotions. The answers are more crazy than the questions, but you have to be ready for anything. Impossible quiz 4 is getting more and more exciting in each round. The reason of this is really cool. The harder the question is, the funnier answer it has. Because of that, there is so many illogical answers. To play against that, you have to don’t trust your common sense. Also, there is a some power ups for you in this new version.

The Impossible Quiz

The most awesome thing in this game is a question categories. Unlike the previous games, there is a free kind of questions. Like, there is an easy one, medium and of course, the hardest questions in the world. The last category is a really dangerous. It can be very tricky. So, the developers have created a help feature for you. So, you can skip a 7 question. But, to get this option, you have to play well enough. Also, sometimes the question has a bomb with a timer. There is a question with a hidden answer too. As you see, Impossible quiz 4 isn’t for everyone. Challenge yourself right now!

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