Earn to Die 5 – Reach the finish line in one piece

Welcome to the game, where you have to forget all about the previous versions. The developers have put a lot of effort to make this new one a really realistic. So, here you will see a really different things too. But, this is still a best survival game i have ever seen. This game has a most intense gameplay and really interesting storyline. But, you’ll be satisfied with a new detail too. Like, here is a advanced engine detail and a new thing, the car armor. This will need you a really much, because the creators have added a new type of enemy for more fun too.

Earn To Die 5

Earn to Die 5 is a really fun game. Because, you can play with a rocket launcher here and drive a racing car at the same time. Now, let me tell you a little bit about the scenario of this cool game. First of all, your main character is a hero, who need to find a new safe place for the survivors. But, his helicopter is out of gas and you need to find other transport to get here. To do so, this game will give you three amazing opportunities. Let’s look in the garage.

Earn To Die 4

At the start, you have a just nice car with a small amount of fuel in the tank. But, this can’t help you to go through a zombie and military army. So, you have a really cool stuff for your vehicle to buy. To do so, you just need to drive as further as you can on this dangerous road. This will give you money to get a better engine, armor or even a rocket launcher. With this upgrade, you definitely will be able to save the world and destroy the enemy tanks too. So, stay tight and go on.


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