Earn to die 2012 – Legend is back

What’s up ppl? I’m so excited. The reason of this is so cool. I’ve found the most extraordinary game in the flash game world. This is the another advanced version of the very famous game. Earn to die 2012 has every important detail of the original version. But, the developers put a lot of effort to make something more exciting. So, there is a whole new dimension of fun. The new road with modern racing cars, military weapons and of course, the zombie army to fight. There are so many different enemies, like a beast zombies and giant barricades to go through on your way.

Earn To Die 2012

There is a five different category of zombies in this version. Unlike the previous game, they are really smart. Also, the boss of the army is so fast and it can chase you. If you don’t drive a good enough, the zombie will jump on your car and that will slow you down. The most marvelous style of the zombie is a Beast. It can build a big barricade and other stuff to stop you. But, this game is full with really cool weapons to cut everything on your way.

Earn to die 2012 is a connected with the original game. But, the storyline has more Intriguing details. Your main character is a one badass soldier, who needs to find a safe place. His helicopter is out of gas and you have to find another transport. You need that to cross the hazardous desert, which is full of zombies. To do so, there is a garage with three awesome cars. But, they need repair and fuel. So, your main mission is to drive with a broken vehicle first. When you collect enough money, there is so many amazing equipment to upgrade your car. So, be ready for the most breathtaking adventure in your life.

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