Douchebag workout – Be a Strongman

Are you ready to exercise, eat a special diet and take illegal supplements? Well, you can get stuff like this in Douchebag workout. This is the funniest and most extraordinary game I have ever seen. It’s about a real life, where some boy isn’t strong enough to get laid and be popular. So, you have to help this weak person to work out. To do so, this game will give you a marvelous gameplay. In the meantime, you can enjoy with the coolest graphics and really awesome set of sounds.  It’s really good, but you have to work hard enough to win.

Douchebag Workout

The main mission of this game is really simple but a really hard to accomplish too. The reason of this is that. Everyone wants to have a good body and be famous. But, this is really hard to get it. So, you need to help this guy with a lot of tasks. First of all, you need to work on his body parts. The gameplay of the Douchebag workout will give you a whole different perspective to this job. Like, you have to exercise each body part with a different task. It’s little bit complicated, but it’s so entertaining too.

Douchebag Workout 2

Beside the workout and gaining mass, you need other stuff to get laid and be famous. This game has a so many little detail, which makes your play time more awesome. Like, you can get a four different type of tan. Or, there are so many different types of equipment to buy. I mean sunglasses, earrings and etc. Also, the most important thing in this game is to control your health. To do that, you can eat a healthy food. But, when you will go in the kitchen, the stake and soda are a choice too here. So, you need to think in this game before you’ll do anything.

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