Cursed treasure 3 – Rule the world!

The most awesome kingdom is under attack again! A beautiful queen really needs your help to defend her treasure. This is the astonishing possibility to kill the free time. Cursed treasure game series is back with a new third edition and it’s so freaking awesome. New maps, advanced enemy and so many modern stuff. This will definitely drive you crazy. Are you ready? then let me tell you a little more about this extraordinary game. It’s about a one brave king. He need a good defensive strategy to defend his treasure. The reason of this is that. The colorful stones are giving your army a extra magic power. So, everyone is trying to take them from you.

Cursed Treasure 3

This freshly released version has so many editions. There is a whole new scenario and design. Every map texture is advanced. The enemy army has anew type of warior. Also, of course you have the awesome modern castles to build. Before you will start the battle, you need to build a three type of tower. They have different range of shooting and power. But, you can upgrade them with the money. You’ll get coins by killing the invader of your kingdom.

Cursed Treasure 2

Unlike the previous games, here you can use a magic spells and other awesome things. Like, you can shoot a meteor to your enemy and etc. Because of that, every next mission is getting harder and harder. So, you need to use every extra power to complete them. To do so, you have a Mana. This is the source of magic. So, you need to take care of it and collect as much as you can. With this, you can explore more space to build your defensive buildings. Are you brave enough to be an ice and fire king? If you think so, try this cool game and rule the world.





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