Cursed Treasure 2 – The witches are back

Hey guys, it’s been a while since i wrote about the strategy game. But, now i have the greatest thing for you. The best strategy game has a new version an it’s out for like 4 days now. This is so exciting, because this game will definitely amaze you with its gameplay. There is so many new feature to explore. Like, new defensive buildings, magic spells and new soldiers. This game has even a updated graphic and advanced sound effects for your entertainment. But, this isn’t everything. You have to face a new enemy soldiers here. They are so amazing that, you will be amazed by the fight with them.



Above all, you have to play this version harder than the first one. It’s because the game engine is improved and it’s more realistic. So, you’ll need a really good strategy to defend your castle from the invaders. Oh, let me tell you about your kingdom now. The scenario of this game takes place in the magic kingdom. You are the king of orks, witches and other majestic creatures. But, to rule all of them, you have to use the power of magical gems. To do so, you have to defend them first.


The defensive line of your kingdom have to be strongest. For that, you have a three different tower to built. First one is my favorite and in my opinion, the best. It’s Fire nation tower. It will throw a fire to your enemy and it’s really effective to kill the bosses. Also, you can built a magic tower. It’s powered with a magic of witches and it’s really cool too. Beside this, you can use a old fashioned hand power and built a Ork tower. They will shoot every invader with an arrow. So, choose your favorite style of play and have fun.