Chaos Faction – Kill the Santa

The most awesome flash game developers have created the new ultimate shooter. Chaos Faction is the game, where you will be amazed with every detail of the gameplay and story. The scenario of this game will give you so much pleasure while playing. But, the game engine of this extraordinary and awesome game will drive you crazy with its most intense missions. So, if you like what i said, now let me tell you about the modern feature and excellent achievement system of the Chaos Faction. It will definitely make you addicted to finish this game and complete all missions.

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First of all, the main character of this game is the beautiful piece of art. You can change his body parts, the head and the armor details. You can play as an alien soldier or a cowboy. You can fight as a even freaking pirate too. So, the choice is yours. Every detail of this various characters texture and design are advanced on the last level. Also, you can customise your battlefield and the design of any map. You can create a whole new dimension and the new map all by yourself too. To do so, you have so many awesome visual details and backgrounds to use.

The plot twist of this game will definitely drive you crazy with its intense scenario. The storyline will take you into the ocean, the deep space of the galaxy and many other spaces. There you need to destroy so many different types of opponents. Like, your mission is to kill the captain of the pirate ship. Also, you need to destroy the ghost army and many other mysterious things. So, are you ready to take the impossible challenge and make it possible? Then you definitely need to try this game. It will amaze you in a second.