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Earn to Die – Save the Hero

The survival games are the best way to relax and just have fun with yourself. But, it can be a really hart to complete too. Because of that, i was searching for some survival game, which will make me smile and also intrigued me. Then, i found this game. This is a mix of racing and shooting game, but it is made with the gameplay of survival game. So, it has every cool detail of this three category with the really interesting scenario. Are you ready to take this challenge? Then let me tell you about the storyline of this game.


First of all, this game is about to survive. So, you need to make a perfect vehicle to stay alive. The scenario of this game takes place in the hazardous desert in Texas. There is a garage, which contains a three car and you need to use them. The reason of this is that. Your main character is a soldier, who needs to get back on the safe base in Oregon. But, his helicopter is out of fuel and the road is full with the zombies. So, you need to repair a car for him and drive through this madness as fast as you can.



For your mission, you have a big fire truck, the fastest sport car and coolest military vehicle. At first, you need to buy a fuel for your car. After that, the game will show you that, what you need next. So, you have so many marvelous option to upgrade your car. Like, you have a bigger wheels in the garage to buy and destroy the barricade with them. There is a machine gun to put on the top of your vehicle and kill the zombies with it. Also, you have to buy a better engine to be fast enough to cross the whole desert in time.

Earn to Die 5 – Reach the finish line in one piece

Welcome to the game, where you have to forget all about the previous versions. The developers have put a lot of effort to make this new one a really realistic. So, here you will see a really different things too. But, this is still a best survival game i have ever seen. This game has a most intense gameplay and really interesting storyline. But, you’ll be satisfied with a new detail too. Like, here is a advanced engine detail and a new thing, the car armor. This will need you a really much, because the creators have added a new type of enemy for more fun too.

Earn To Die 5

Earn to Die 5 is a really fun game. Because, you can play with a rocket launcher here and drive a racing car at the same time. Now, let me tell you a little bit about the scenario of this cool game. First of all, your main character is a hero, who need to find a new safe place for the survivors. But, his helicopter is out of gas and you need to find other transport to get here. To do so, this game will give you three amazing opportunities. Let’s look in the garage.

Earn To Die 4

At the start, you have a just nice car with a small amount of fuel in the tank. But, this can’t help you to go through a zombie and military army. So, you have a really cool stuff for your vehicle to buy. To do so, you just need to drive as further as you can on this dangerous road. This will give you money to get a better engine, armor or even a rocket launcher. With this upgrade, you definitely will be able to save the world and destroy the enemy tanks too. So, stay tight and go on.


Earn to die 2012 – Legend is back

What’s up ppl? I’m so excited. The reason of this is so cool. I’ve found the most extraordinary game in the flash game world. This is the another advanced version of the very famous game. Earn to die 2012 has every important detail of the original version. But, the developers put a lot of effort to make something more exciting. So, there is a whole new dimension of fun. The new road with modern racing cars, military weapons and of course, the zombie army to fight. There are so many different enemies, like a beast zombies and giant barricades to go through on your way.

Earn To Die 2012

There is a five different category of zombies in this version. Unlike the previous game, they are really smart. Also, the boss of the army is so fast and it can chase you. If you don’t drive a good enough, the zombie will jump on your car and that will slow you down. The most marvelous style of the zombie is a Beast. It can build a big barricade and other stuff to stop you. But, this game is full with really cool weapons to cut everything on your way.

Earn to die 2012 is a connected with the original game. But, the storyline has more Intriguing details. Your main character is a one badass soldier, who needs to find a safe place. His helicopter is out of gas and you have to find another transport. You need that to cross the hazardous desert, which is full of zombies. To do so, there is a garage with three awesome cars. But, they need repair and fuel. So, your main mission is to drive with a broken vehicle first. When you collect enough money, there is so many amazing equipment to upgrade your car. So, be ready for the most breathtaking adventure in your life.