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Running fred 4 – Run master, run!

Running fred 4 is an another cool game about running from the worst thing in your life.  If you will be ready and smart enough, you can overpower your abilities in this new awesome game. Running fred 4 depends on your action and wise decisions. Here you have to think differently and choose the right road for your adventure. In other case, you will die in a second. The creators of this game have developed some new realistic world for players who are not frightened to destroy the biggest barricades. Who can run without mistakes and just can beat unwanted creatures. They made game with tension and danger all over your road.


Running fred 4 is full with unexpected traps. You also can just trust your insticts and run as fast as you can. But, let’s think wise here. Can you outrun the god of death itself? Well, this game wil challenge you with this ultimate mission. Every round you will start your run at the different location. Then, you will meet various kind of barricades. You must control your emotions and think smart here. Because, your charachter is in danger and you must save him. To do so, you can buy some armor and other awesome things in the shop.


To gain the money for the extra equipment and super powers, you need to cover as much distance as you can. But, to get them, you have to jump over so many different type of trap. The creators of this game has put a lot of effort and made the most brutal road in the world. There you will see the arsenal of the weapons from all over the world and time. If you will play good enough, you’ll get the ability to fly and run on the walls too. How cool is that?

Running Fred 2 – Fast and furious death

Guys, I want to introduce you the most intense game ever. The flash gaming world has a new king and this is it. The new advanced running game, which will definitely blow your mind with its new features. Running fred has an ultimate way to please you with the intense gameplay and beautiful graphic. But, this isn’t everything. Every mission in this game is the craziest thing in the universe and it takes courage to complete it all. Also, sound effects, background and every texture, even little details are the most realistic piece of art in this freshly released game.


Running fred is more like a survival game, than a running. The reason of this is that. The gameplay of this modern game will definitely drive you crazy with its plot twist. Because, the main mission in here is to stay alive. Nothing more or less. That doesn’t sound really dangerous, right? But, when you will see your adventure road, which is the only way to complete your missions, you will be satisfied. Every metre in this game is covered explosives and other hideous traps, which will make your adventure a really entertaining, but hard too. So, let’s talk about the details of the gameplay.


First of all, this game has the most awesome game modes ever. Like, you can play as a little child, or a brave soldier and have fun. There are so many costumes and advanced equipment to try on and that will really help you to survive. Because, the main mission in the Running Fred 2 is to run away from the death. But, the only get away road is full with the weapons and explosives to stop you. Also, you can use a super power pack and other staff to destroy traps on your way. Be ready for anything in this game.

Running Fred – Runaway from Death

Welcome to the page, where i will tell you about the most brutal game in the world. This is it, guys. The best and coolest traps and weapons in the one game together. What can be better than this? Of course, this game isn’t just a battlefield with full of marvelous toys. Here you can enjoy with an extraordinary storyline too. But, in fact, the scenario of this game  takes place in the most dangerous catacombs in the universe. Your main character has to deal with a Death god itself. So, how does that sounds for you? It’s so Cool right?

Running Fred 2

First of all, you don’t have to fight against some enemy or beast. Here you just have the most important task to do. Your character has only one chance to stay alive. You have to run away from death itself with a really dangerous road. This trip isn’t an ordinary, where you just have to be fast and choose a right time to turn. In the Running Fred, the road is your main enemy. So, you need to be fast, but here it’s not as easy as it sounds. Let me tell you the reason of this.

This game is my favorite, because there is every gun that i love to play with it. But, you can’t use any of this marvelous arsenal. Why? because they are here to kill you. Yep, your road is a one big trap with so many different levels. So, you have to deal with a really easy parts, like jump over the swords and etc. But, there are the worst nightmare too. Like, you have to run away from arrows and moving walls. If you will stop for a second, the death will hunt you down and kill you with its bare hand.


Robot unicorn attack – Once upon a time in magic world

Robot unicorn attack

Are you ready to travel in the most majestic world? Well, sit tight, because i’m gonna tell you about a most extraordinary game in the world. This is it, all our dreams come true. The unicorn, the flying dolphins and magical crystals are together. Is there something better than this? i doubt. So, let me tell you the story about a Robot unicorn attack – the majestic game. As the name are telling you, it’s about a robot unicorn, who has the magic powers. Like, you can run with the light speed and jump a really high. It’s really useful, when the adventure is so dangerous.

The main plot of this game is to run towards the sun and cover as much distance as you can. But, you have to play with all your attention. The reason of this is a most fabulous enemy. The fairy army. They will try to distract you with light and super power. But, the most common problem for players of this game is the magic giant crystal. It’s everywhere on your way and you have only one power to destroy it. It’s a light speed. When you are running with it, you can go through the magical crystals. Without it, you will die.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2

The Robot unicorn attack has some serious soundtracks for a flash game. It will make you play more and more to listen. Just saying. The graphics of this game are so beautiful. Every detail of the map is a piece of art. But, the most awesome part of this game is a gameplay. You have three lives to spend. Every map has a journey for you, where you have to crush crystals and kill the fairy. Each crush and kill will give you more and more points, if you don’t skip one. So, be ready for this amazing adventure and have fun.