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Papas freezeria – VIP clients are waiting for you!

Hello, welcome to the most amazing city in the flash gaming world. This awesome universe will show you the greatest magic of the cooking and managing the restaurant. You are invited to do some hard, but an entertaining job in the Papa’s Freezeria. This place is well known as the best restaurant in the majestic city. But, the master chief of this restaurant is out of town and you have to do his job. A lot of \ customers are going to visit you. Are you ready to open your magic kitchen and do your best? Then, let’s talk about the gameplay of this awesome game.

hqdefault (2)

Your main job is to take orders, drag it in the store and organize them. Your kitchen has a five different stage to complete your order. First is a build station, where you have to pour milk and freeze it. A cooking art is the special job for the most talented people, so you have to do your best in the next station. It’s a decorating room, where you have to choose the right toppings for your drink. You have to decorate your milkshakes very delicately, because the amount of the tip is depends on this part.

The customers will give you an easy and hard orders. So, your main job is to make a drinks for them. But, sometimes the VIP clients will give you an extra order to accomplish. If you will play hard enough and give them their drinks fast enough, you’ll get a big tip. With that, you can decorate your lobby or the hall of your restaurant. Also, you can buy a whole new clothes for your main character. Also, you can even paint a walls of your place. So, this game is full with a joy and entertaining tasks. Try it and you won’t regret it.

Papas wingeria – Cooking world in your hand

Papas wingeria is a magic place to cook the most delicious part of the chicken – the wings! So, as you know already, this game is about cooking wings in the most prestigious restaurant in the city. Your main character decided to have his own Wingeria, where he can complete the desires of the VIP costumers. The missions in the Papa’s Wingeria are definitely hard, because it’s not easy to rule the restaurant and serve the clients at the same time. Like in the real life. But, It depends how motivated are you to play hard enough and achieve the great goals in your career.


First of all, you have to create the design the clothes of your character. You can customize the type of the heat, body type and literally every detailf of your hero. Meanwhile, you can buy a new clothes for him and new stuff for your wingeria too. To gain the money for this, you must take the orders from the costumers and make a good food for them. You have to make the wings with a different shape and with different decorations too, because your customers has some crazy orders for you to accomplish.

Your kitchen is really great place for complete this mission. You have four stations for making the perfect wings in the world. The First is an order station, your hall, where you have a connection with your customers. Then you have to move in the fly station, where you fry the wings. There you need attention to roast food with correct level of frying. Then your next stop need to be a sauce station,  where you make a sauce for your meal. The last is a build station. Here you put the wings in the plate. You must be imaginative and decorate the plate with the other ingredients too.




Papa’s Pastaria – cook some crazy stuff

Welcome to the city, where you have to serve the most delicious food ever. But, this job has its price and you need to gain this name. First of all, this game isn’t about just some restaurant and his cook, who serving the food to ordinary clients. Nope, this game will challenge you with the most exciting and extraordinary missions ever. Papa’s Pastaria is a game, which will definitely blow your mind with its coolest graphic and the sound effects are so marvelous too. But, your main mission is to be best in your job and this isn’t a joke, you have to play hard for this.


Above all, the scenario of this game takes place in the Atlantic city. The storyline is simple. Your main character is a guy, who works for the best cook in the world. Because of that, you have to make him proud, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. The Papa cook chief is out of town. You are the only person in the whole restaurant. So, you need to do everything. Like, serve the clients their favorite food and take care of the decorations of the room. It’s sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

In the first round, you have to serve food for the few clients. But, everyday your job is getting harder and harder. Sometimes, you need to make some special dinner for the VIP customers. They will give you a really good tip, if you make their favorite food. Also, you can decorate your restaurant with some new details. Like, you can change the paint of the wall or buy a new table. You can add some playing tables in the room and that will give you extra money. You can also change the clothes of your character and it’s really fun.

Papa’s Cupcakeria – The magic of cooking

Papa’s Cupcakeria is an awesome game to learn a magic of cooking. It’s about a one famous cook schief, who wants to open a new cafe in big town. If you aren’t excited yet, then let me tell you more. This is the game, which has marvelous gameplay and beautiful graphic. The designers of this game were working with the real cafe owners. So, every detail of this game is so realistic. But, this isn’t as good news as you think. Because, the missions are cool and hard too, like a cafe owner job in the real life. So, let’s open the coolest restaurant in the world and rule it.

Papa's Cupcakeria 2

First of all, let me tell you about the scenario of Papa’s Cupcakeria . Once upon a time, one really great cook schief has decided to open his own restaurant. But, he and his waitress had a car accident with your character. So, you need to work for him now to pay a car repair bill. The job is that. You need to serve so many different clients and make a cool cake for them. To do so, you have a three station in your kitchen.

Papa's Cupcakeria

The most awesome part is starting there. The gameplay will definitely amaze you with this station. First is a batter station. Here you have a baking cups to choose. They have different color and shape, so choose wisely. Every customer wants a different one. Then, you have a bake station with marvelous oven to make a cake from batter.  The most important and hardest job is after that. You need to build the design of your cupcake. Add frost, chocolate drizzle and rainbow sprinkles to it. But, be careful. Each cupcake needs a different design. Some of them even need a cherry on top. So, be fast, intelligent and you’ll get the best tip.