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Impossible quiz 4 – Literally impossible

Do you ever wonder, what is the hardest game in the world? Well, i have a great answer for you. Yep, that was an impossible quiz, but now it has a new version and it’s harder. The impossible quiz 4 is literally hard to win if you don’t have a humor sense. Also, you really need a logic and some knowledge here, because it’s not a just quiz with ordinary questions. In my humble opinion, this is the game, which will definitely drive you crazy. This has some marvelous reason. Every question in this game has a tricky answer, so you need to be really wise, before you will choose your answer.

Impossible Quiz 4

This is like an adventure. Every new question is a whole new set of emotions. The answers are more crazy than the questions, but you have to be ready for anything. Impossible quiz 4 is getting more and more exciting in each round. The reason of this is really cool. The harder the question is, the funnier answer it has. Because of that, there is so many illogical answers. To play against that, you have to don’t trust your common sense. Also, there is a some power ups for you in this new version.

The Impossible Quiz

The most awesome thing in this game is a question categories. Unlike the previous games, there is a free kind of questions. Like, there is an easy one, medium and of course, the hardest questions in the world. The last category is a really dangerous. It can be very tricky. So, the developers have created a help feature for you. So, you can skip a 7 question. But, to get this option, you have to play well enough. Also, sometimes the question has a bomb with a timer. There is a question with a hidden answer too. As you see, Impossible quiz 4 isn’t for everyone. Challenge yourself right now!

Cargo bridge – Help the elephant

Welcome guys. I’m up to write this post about the flash game, which is the most addicting thing i have ever seen. You can enjoy with the marvelous gameplay. It will give you the opportunity t build the bridges with your dream design. This is the Cargo bridge, the best building simulator. Here you need to use your imagination and logic skills together. This isn’t just an ordinary game. This amazing gameplay will give you so much joy and entertainment. But, you have to play hard enough to unlock the every next mission. Unlike the other building simulators, here you have different kind of job in every round.

Cargo Bridge

You have to build your bridge in the design area. There you have to build bridges with a different type of distance and difficulty. Each bridge element costs money and you have a limited budget for that. There is a two type of bridge element. The walking part and the connectors. The second one is a lighter and cheaper, but your cargo guy cannot step on them. So, you have to use the wise combination of these elements. if your bridge is not strong enough, you can go back to the design mode and make some changes.

Cargo Bridge 2

The main character of this game is the team of the cargo guys. They have a mission to move some objects from one side of the bridge to another. So, your main mission to accomplish in this game is that. You have to build a strong enough bridge for them to cross. But, in every round, you need to use the different design. Because, sometimes cargo guy need to deliver a really light or heavy thing. You have to prepare your bridge for even an elephant. So, spend your money wisely and you’ll get the chance to complete all missions.


Cursed treasure 3 – Rule the world!

The most awesome kingdom is under attack again! A beautiful queen really needs your help to defend her treasure. This is the astonishing possibility to kill the free time. Cursed treasure game series is back with a new third edition and it’s so freaking awesome. New maps, advanced enemy and so many modern stuff. This will definitely drive you crazy. Are you ready? then let me tell you a little more about this extraordinary game. It’s about a one brave king. He need a good defensive strategy to defend his treasure. The reason of this is that. The colorful stones are giving your army a extra magic power. So, everyone is trying to take them from you.

Cursed Treasure 3

This freshly released version has so many editions. There is a whole new scenario and design. Every map texture is advanced. The enemy army has anew type of warior. Also, of course you have the awesome modern castles to build. Before you will start the battle, you need to build a three type of tower. They have different range of shooting and power. But, you can upgrade them with the money. You’ll get coins by killing the invader of your kingdom.

Cursed Treasure 2

Unlike the previous games, here you can use a magic spells and other awesome things. Like, you can shoot a meteor to your enemy and etc. Because of that, every next mission is getting harder and harder. So, you need to use every extra power to complete them. To do so, you have a Mana. This is the source of magic. So, you need to take care of it and collect as much as you can. With this, you can explore more space to build your defensive buildings. Are you brave enough to be an ice and fire king? If you think so, try this cool game and rule the world.





Earn to die 2012 – Legend is back

What’s up ppl? I’m so excited. The reason of this is so cool. I’ve found the most extraordinary game in the flash game world. This is the another advanced version of the very famous game. Earn to die 2012 has every important detail of the original version. But, the developers put a lot of effort to make something more exciting. So, there is a whole new dimension of fun. The new road with modern racing cars, military weapons and of course, the zombie army to fight. There are so many different enemies, like a beast zombies and giant barricades to go through on your way.

Earn To Die 2012

There is a five different category of zombies in this version. Unlike the previous game, they are really smart. Also, the boss of the army is so fast and it can chase you. If you don’t drive a good enough, the zombie will jump on your car and that will slow you down. The most marvelous style of the zombie is a Beast. It can build a big barricade and other stuff to stop you. But, this game is full with really cool weapons to cut everything on your way.

Earn to die 2012 is a connected with the original game. But, the storyline has more Intriguing details. Your main character is a one badass soldier, who needs to find a safe place. His helicopter is out of gas and you have to find another transport. You need that to cross the hazardous desert, which is full of zombies. To do so, there is a garage with three awesome cars. But, they need repair and fuel. So, your main mission is to drive with a broken vehicle first. When you collect enough money, there is so many amazing equipment to upgrade your car. So, be ready for the most breathtaking adventure in your life.

Robot unicorn attack – Once upon a time in magic world

Robot unicorn attack

Are you ready to travel in the most majestic world? Well, sit tight, because i’m gonna tell you about a most extraordinary game in the world. This is it, all our dreams come true. The unicorn, the flying dolphins and magical crystals are together. Is there something better than this? i doubt. So, let me tell you the story about a Robot unicorn attack – the majestic game. As the name are telling you, it’s about a robot unicorn, who has the magic powers. Like, you can run with the light speed and jump a really high. It’s really useful, when the adventure is so dangerous.

The main plot of this game is to run towards the sun and cover as much distance as you can. But, you have to play with all your attention. The reason of this is a most fabulous enemy. The fairy army. They will try to distract you with light and super power. But, the most common problem for players of this game is the magic giant crystal. It’s everywhere on your way and you have only one power to destroy it. It’s a light speed. When you are running with it, you can go through the magical crystals. Without it, you will die.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2

The Robot unicorn attack has some serious soundtracks for a flash game. It will make you play more and more to listen. Just saying. The graphics of this game are so beautiful. Every detail of the map is a piece of art. But, the most awesome part of this game is a gameplay. You have three lives to spend. Every map has a journey for you, where you have to crush crystals and kill the fairy. Each crush and kill will give you more and more points, if you don’t skip one. So, be ready for this amazing adventure and have fun.




Snail bob 4 – Game for everyone

Are you ready to play the most entertaining game ever? Well, i am. This is Snail bob 4. The new version of the awesome game. I really like this snail, cuz it’s for all ages and any gender.  The scenario of this game is about one brave snail. He lost his way back to home and we have to help him find it again. But, on our way, there are marvelous monsters and breathtaking traps. But, every map is full of joy and entertainment. Like, you need to solve alien misterys and physic chores at the same time.

I really like the gameplay of this game, because it’s so funny. Anyway, you need to concentrate and play as hard as you can to complete this amazing missions. Unlike the previous game, there are new monsters, maps with advanced design and new planets to discover.

Snail Bob 5

The main mission in Snail bob 4 is to get home safe. To travel without harm, you need to fight against big beasts and aliens. Also, there are maps, where your only hope is gravity. That’s sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Here you need to control the air and pressure. With that, your snail will fly over the hazardous fences and monsters.

Snail bob 4 has cool modern stuff for you. You can earn awesome achievements and extra points by finding Stars. The stars are hidden treasures. You can find three stars in every round, but mostly, they are under leafs or something. So, you need to look hard to get them. Also, some map has a little task for you to get this little star. Like, sometimes you need to create some mechanism with alien technology or some other crazy stuff. This game has cool plot twists. They require from you to fly with rocket and avoid the meteors. So, good luck and fly safe.

Snail Bob 4

Cargo bridge 2 – marvelous engineering

Welcome people. Today, i want to tell you about some awesome engineering game. Cargo bridge 2 is the freshly released game. It’s a second version and because of that, you can enjoy with so many updates. First of all, there are new cool maps. Also, every map has advanced designe. I found new details too, like different building materials and etc. In my opinion, this game is so realistic. Because of that, i’m addicted to it. The reason of that is simple. After every round, you’ll get the opportunity to build something bigger and more awesome. Really, it’s so hard to stop playing this new game.


I’m a engineering student and playing this game was incredible experience even for me. How cool is that, hah? Cargo bridge 2 will help you to fulfill your fantasy. Create a new ways to build breathtaking bridges. But, missions in this game require logic from you. This game is giving us really big yard to play. So, you can try so many designs and tricks to accomplish your mission. The coolest trick for me is that. You can make a triangle with wood, like a chain and it’s making your bridge more solid. Then you can easily build a bigger walking part of the bridge. For example:


Unlike the other games, there isn’t boring storyline. The main mission in this game is that, you have to move some objects from one side to the other. But, There are new plot twists. Like, you need to transport a giant animal, big cargo boxes and other cool stuff. How marvelous is that? Also, the missions are getting harder and harder after every round. Each map has a different amount of points for you. Because of that, you need to spend your building material carefully. So, good luck and have fun.