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Traffic Talent 3 – Pro drivers in action

Welcome to the post, where i will tell you about the most extraordinary game in the world. First of all, this game isn’t just another driving simulator, where you just have to drive and thats it. Nope, here you will have to do some more awesome tricks. Like, your main job is to escape from the police chase and drive clients from the one point to the other at the same time. But, you have to do this very carefully. Because, this game is so realistic and your car can be damaged by some accdident or bad driving.

First of all, i have to tell you the scenario of this game. It’s so simply and incredibly hard to understand in meanwhile. The storyline of the Traffic Talent 3 takes place in the wonderful city. Every street and car in the city is so beautiful and realistic. But, this place is seriously controlled by the police. So, your main character is the guy, who wants to be a pro driver and he is ready to do everything for this. Like, you have to take passengers from the one place to the another, but you have to drive very safely. In other case, you will lose your job.


The developers of this game has put a lot of effort to make this third version a most realistic one. So, they take the gameplay and make it really hard with some new features. Like, you can only choose three different car here. But, once to took a car, you can brake it. If you hit car or some object, your car will broke. This is serious challenge for you, because bad car affects on your playing speed. You need to complete missions in given time, so try to don’t hit anything and you will be satisfied.

Traffic Talent 2 – Traffic all over the world

Welcome to the city, where you have to be the toughest guy in the world. Yep, this game will recuire from you a strong nerves and a really high level of logic sense. This is the Traffick Talent 2 world. The game, which is the second version of the most awesome driving simulator of all time. Here you will see the greatest adventures of the driver and also learn how to move in the city, during the traffic. But, the most awesome thing in this game is that. The gameplay will make you to do the craziest thing on the road, but you have to stay away from the police at the same time.

First of all, you need to complete some driver missions. Like, you have to take customers from the one place to other. But, this journey is have to be safest time in their live. So, you can’t drive fast here. Or, if you want to have fun and enjoy this game more, then you can drive like a crazy. In this case, you have to run away from the police too. They will chace you and arrest you, if you don’t drive fast enough or brake your car.


Your main mission in this game is to don’t brake rules or your car. The rules are really easy, but it makes you addicted to play this game again and again until you do it your job correctly. Also, you can choose a three different type of car. If you want to drive without brake and stop, you have to pick the racing car. If you want to drive like a pro and complete missions in peace, there is a minivan and another awesome vehicle to use. So, let’s choose the right car for your style of play and enjoy it.

Strike Force Heroes 4 – Galaxy wars

Welcome to the post, where I want to tell you about the most extraordinary shooting game ever. Of course, it’s a flash game, but it has so beautiful and realistic gameplay and graphic. So, let me tell you about this incredibly awesome game series. First of all, strike force heroes have the most interesting scenario i have ever seen in the shooting game. Every mission will take you into the awesome place in the galaxy. But, you have to play hard and use all of your shooting skills to unlock a new tasks and enjoy with it.


Your main character isn’t the ordinary soldier. He is in the special force unit, which has an impossible mission to complete. There is a 5 soldier in your group and you can play with all of them. Yep, unlike the other shooting games, here you aren’t stuck with the only one main character. You have the option to change the type of your soldier before every mission and that will give you so much power. Like, you can choose a different category of a warrior for the different missions. Sometimes you need to use a sniper to kill the strong enemy from the long distance and etc.


Each soldier has a different skills and abilities to use in the fight. On the battlefield, everything can happen. So, you have to be ready to face the hardest challenge in the world. To do so, you have a shop to buy some new things. Like, you can upgrade your weapon or buy a new one. Also, you can choose a different camouflages or robots to help you in the fight.  But, you need to play hard and gain levels to get a better and better guns. Well, you have everything in here to be a real hero.

Running Fred 2 – Fast and furious death

Guys, I want to introduce you the most intense game ever. The flash gaming world has a new king and this is it. The new advanced running game, which will definitely blow your mind with its new features. Running fred has an ultimate way to please you with the intense gameplay and beautiful graphic. But, this isn’t everything. Every mission in this game is the craziest thing in the universe and it takes courage to complete it all. Also, sound effects, background and every texture, even little details are the most realistic piece of art in this freshly released game.


Running fred is more like a survival game, than a running. The reason of this is that. The gameplay of this modern game will definitely drive you crazy with its plot twist. Because, the main mission in here is to stay alive. Nothing more or less. That doesn’t sound really dangerous, right? But, when you will see your adventure road, which is the only way to complete your missions, you will be satisfied. Every metre in this game is covered explosives and other hideous traps, which will make your adventure a really entertaining, but hard too. So, let’s talk about the details of the gameplay.


First of all, this game has the most awesome game modes ever. Like, you can play as a little child, or a brave soldier and have fun. There are so many costumes and advanced equipment to try on and that will really help you to survive. Because, the main mission in the Running Fred 2 is to run away from the death. But, the only get away road is full with the weapons and explosives to stop you. Also, you can use a super power pack and other staff to destroy traps on your way. Be ready for anything in this game.

Papa Louie 2 – Crazy vegetables

Do you ever hear about the most awesome cooking game in the whole flash gaming world? If you do, you already know that this is the new second version of this cool game. Papa Louie 2 will definitely amaze you with its incredibly awesome new features and advanced scenario. Unlike the previous version, here you will see a more maps , more missions and an entirely different set of graphic texture.  In my opinion, this game is the best way to kill a free time and have a lot of amount of fun at the same time. So, let’s talk more about the gameplay of this marvelous game.


At first, you will start to play as a one ordinary servant, who is working in the Papa Louie’s restaurant. The life seems perfect but suddenly your boss is captured by the venomous vegetable army and you need to rescue him. The evil king of the vegetables also has your teammates in the cage. So, you have to go through a dangerous forest to find them and rescue your boss Papa Louie. To do so, you can use as many awesome characters as you want. Yep, you heard it right, This game will give you the opportunity to play more than one main character.


The main mission in this game is to face the food monsters and destroy them. To do so, each character has a different  kind of weapon and super power. Like, your first boy character can throw magic balls to the evil vegetable warriors. Also, you can change your character and choose a better one, who can throw a bigger things and jump really high. Above all, you need to concentrate on rescuing mission, but you have to collect the gold and coins too. That will give you the chance to get an awesome achievement.

Papa louie – Cooking adventure

Welcome to the modern city, where everything is alive and trying to kill you. Yeah, literally everything is alive here and it’s the main reason why i love this game. So, let me tell you the more about this madness. First of all, Papa louie is a game, where you need to be a good cook chief, but use a fighting skills at the same time. How crazy does it sounds? Well, you are about to be amazed by the most extraordinary scenario i have ever seen in the flash game. So, are you ready to rule the kitchen and the hazardous jungle at the same time? Let’s see.


First of all, the main scenario of this game takes place in the Papa’s kingdom. Here you are start to play as a just one ordinary asistent of the Cook chief. But, suddenly the city is under attack by the evil food army. The king of evil vegetables has captured your boss and coworkers, so you need to rescue them. But. unlike the other cooking games, where you are stuck in the kitchen, here you can see more. Like, every round will give you some different action scenario to play with.


Above all, the most important and coolest feature of this game is the main character. So, you can choose a whole new character before each round. But, to unlock this magnificent people and use them as your character, you need to fight for them first. Like, they are locked in the cages and after every mission, you are rescuing them one by one. Every one of them has a different type of super power. Some can through a fireballs and etc. Also, you can collect some gold while playing the intense mission and get an awesome achievements. So, what are you waiting for?

Traffic Talent – Drive like a pro!

There are so many racing game out there. But i want to tell you about the best game between them. First of all, if you don’t know how to drive yet, then this game is especially for you. Also, if you know and love driving, then this game will give you more pleasure too. the reason of this is a most awesome gameplay of all time. Here you’ll get the right amount of adrenaline, the challenge to your logic and of course, a lot of fun. Traffic Talent isn’t  just ordinary driving game, where your only mission is to drive fast. Here, you need to be a wise and move smartly to complete the mission.


This is a really cool game, because it has so beautiful graphic and texture. The most awesome thing is that, here you have to play in a 3D world. This whole new set of playground will amaze you with its features. Like, Traffic Talent has a realistic gameplay, where every crush or bad turn will affects to your health and point. But, still can have a lot of fun with most marvelous sport cars and incredibly extraordinary missions. Above all, you have to run away from police sometimes, what can be more interesting than that?


First of all, let me tell you about the cool scenario of this game. Your main character is a pro driver, who works as a VIP driver. Your main mission is to travel one customer from one place to another. But, this journey has had to be safe for them. So, you have to use your turn lights, stop at the red light and etc. The most important thing is to don’t get caught by police. To do so, you can drive fast sometimes and also make a shortcut.

Cursed Treasure 2 – The witches are back

Hey guys, it’s been a while since i wrote about the strategy game. But, now i have the greatest thing for you. The best strategy game has a new version an it’s out for like 4 days now. This is so exciting, because this game will definitely amaze you with its gameplay. There is so many new feature to explore. Like, new defensive buildings, magic spells and new soldiers. This game has even a updated graphic and advanced sound effects for your entertainment. But, this isn’t everything. You have to face a new enemy soldiers here. They are so amazing that, you will be amazed by the fight with them.



Above all, you have to play this version harder than the first one. It’s because the game engine is improved and it’s more realistic. So, you’ll need a really good strategy to defend your castle from the invaders. Oh, let me tell you about your kingdom now. The scenario of this game takes place in the magic kingdom. You are the king of orks, witches and other majestic creatures. But, to rule all of them, you have to use the power of magical gems. To do so, you have to defend them first.


The defensive line of your kingdom have to be strongest. For that, you have a three different tower to built. First one is my favorite and in my opinion, the best. It’s Fire nation tower. It will throw a fire to your enemy and it’s really effective to kill the bosses. Also, you can built a magic tower. It’s powered with a magic of witches and it’s really cool too. Beside this, you can use a old fashioned hand power and built a Ork tower. They will shoot every invader with an arrow. So, choose your favorite style of play and have fun.

The impossible quiz 3 – The fail of common sense

Hello my friends. I don’t know if  i overreacting, but i’m so happy right now. The reason of this is so wonderful. The developers of the most annoying and best quiz game series have released a new one. This is it. The best quiz game is out now and we can play it. So, let me tell you about my first impression. First of all, The Impossible Quiz 3 has so many new details in every round. Also, there is a whole different system of achievements and super powers. The graphics are advanced too. So, let’s try out more and challenge the common sense.

Earn To Die 3

Above all, this game will amaze you with so many different types of questions. But, unlike the other same category games, there you can get a hard question even in the first round. So, you have to play hard and this game will treat you well. Also, when you get a right answer to the really tough question, the game will give you a surprise. This can be a skip button or timer remover. The skip button will help you to skip a hard question without answering it. The timer remover is for bombs. You can disable the bomb timer with it.

Impossible Quiz 2

Guys, i have to warn you about this game. The impossible quiz 3 isn’t an ordinary quiz, where you can win game with wise answers. Here you have to use your common sense and logic to find a correct answer. But, this game is so unique, because sometimes the question doesn’t even have an answer. So, you need to look good enough and find a hidden word or evolve some animal to win. As you see, this isn’t an easy game to complete. But, if you play every round with passion, you’ll have so much fun.

Street sesh 3 – Let’s roll the street

This is it. This is a my favorite game of all time. Do you believe it? Well, you have to. Let me tell you the reason why I am amazed so much by this new game. This is the Street sesh 3. A freshly released version of the most marvelous racing game ever. But, in this game, everything is better and different. Also, the developers put a lot of effort and they made a more serious gameplay for this version. This is unbelievable. I’m trying it, but I can’t find a one single boring detail in this game. Can you? let’s try by yourself and find out.

Street Sesh 3

First of all, the control of your character is so soft and cool. You can do a really amazing trick with just a one click. But, this is only a start. The third version is better than previous one, because there is a whole new world to roll. Like, here you can play in the a marvelous bigger city. It’s full of so many new features, which makes your playing time more entertaining and hard at the same time. So, the more realistic game with more funny gameplay, what can be better than this?

Street Sesh 2

Now, let me tell you about the game scenario and plot twist. At the start, you are an ordinary skater, who wants to cross the street. But, every new round is a different and harder too. Because, your character is getting better and better at skating.  Sometimes, you need to cross the whole street and do a lot of tricks in the meantime. Like, you have to jump on the cars to go through the traffic. Also, to gain more points, you can slide down the stairs and do other stuff like that.  So, this is a serious challenge. Good luck.