Cargo bridge – Help the elephant

Welcome guys. I’m up to write this post about the flash game, which is the most addicting thing i have ever seen. You can enjoy with the marvelous gameplay. It will give you the opportunity t build the bridges with your dream design. This is the Cargo bridge, the best building simulator. Here you need to use your imagination and logic skills together. This isn’t just an ordinary game. This amazing gameplay will give you so much joy and entertainment. But, you have to play hard enough to unlock the every next mission. Unlike the other building simulators, here you have different kind of job in every round.

Cargo Bridge

You have to build your bridge in the design area. There you have to build bridges with a different type of distance and difficulty. Each bridge element costs money and you have a limited budget for that. There is a two type of bridge element. The walking part and the connectors. The second one is a lighter and cheaper, but your cargo guy cannot step on them. So, you have to use the wise combination of these elements. if your bridge is not strong enough, you can go back to the design mode and make some changes.

Cargo Bridge 2

The main character of this game is the team of the cargo guys. They have a mission to move some objects from one side of the bridge to another. So, your main mission to accomplish in this game is that. You have to build a strong enough bridge for them to cross. But, in every round, you need to use the different design. Because, sometimes cargo guy need to deliver a really light or heavy thing. You have to prepare your bridge for even an elephant. So, spend your money wisely and you’ll get the chance to complete all missions.


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