Cargo bridge 2 – marvelous engineering

Welcome people. Today, i want to tell you about some awesome engineering game. Cargo bridge 2 is the freshly released game. It’s a second version and because of that, you can enjoy with so many updates. First of all, there are new cool maps. Also, every map has advanced designe. I found new details too, like different building materials and etc. In my opinion, this game is so realistic. Because of that, i’m addicted to it. The reason of that is simple. After every round, you’ll get the opportunity to build something bigger and more awesome. Really, it’s so hard to stop playing this new game.


I’m a engineering student and playing this game was incredible experience even for me. How cool is that, hah? Cargo bridge 2 will help you to fulfill your fantasy. Create a new ways to build breathtaking bridges. But, missions in this game require logic from you. This game is giving us really big yard to play. So, you can try so many designs and tricks to accomplish your mission. The coolest trick for me is that. You can make a triangle with wood, like a chain and it’s making your bridge more solid. Then you can easily build a bigger walking part of the bridge. For example:


Unlike the other games, there isn’t boring storyline. The main mission in this game is that, you have to move some objects from one side to the other. But, There are new plot twists. Like, you need to transport a giant animal, big cargo boxes and other cool stuff. How marvelous is that? Also, the missions are getting harder and harder after every round. Each map has a different amount of points for you. Because of that, you need to spend your building material carefully. So, good luck and have fun.

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